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To meet our customer's increasing demands for turn-key solutions OFDS offers integrated service solutions directly or in partnership with our local service partners.

In-house modeling

OFDS can provide in-house finite element analysis to assess the mechanical and fatigue performance of your solution prior to purchase or deployment in the field.

For FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP products OFDS can provide in-house or third party torque an drag modeling of your selected AluDrill™ product in your specific well profile to determine the best location and configuration to achieve optimal performance. OFDS modeling can also help to illustrate and target many of the expected benefits of using AluDrill™ products.


Field inspections of aluminum drill pipe are very similar to inspections of steel drill pipe. Detailed procedures are available. Please contact us.


OFDS is an integrated solutions partner. A key part of our integrated solutions offering is rental of our FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP products. Rental and associated rental services can be obtained from OFDS directly or from one of our local Service Partners. Rental rates and terms vary by drilling location.

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