FuchsRohr® Drilling Products

As wells began to go deeper and take on more complex shapes such as horizontal, high angle and 3D profiles, high strength-to-weight material solutions were looked upon in a new light for the advantages they could bring.

In horizontal wells, steel pipes can become a liability due to its higher friction, torque and drag. Aluminum pipes, on the one hand, can reduce side forces 30 to 50 % (depending on the drilling fluid weight). With its corresponding reduction of friction, torque and drag, aluminum becomes a very viable way to increase reach, improve string steering and rate of penetration for improved drilling performance.

O&G applications benefits from aluminum tubulars

  • Reduce torque, drag and hook load
  • Increase weight transfer to bit and the resulting drilling rate of penetration
  • Increase rig operating range and depth


O&G applications benefits from titanium forgings

  • Increase product life and safety in high pressure and high temperature applications
  • Increase product life due to exceptional corrosion resistance in aggressive environments.
  • Increase product life and performance in high application