FuchsRohr® Drilling Products

FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP

FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ High Performance Pipe (HPP) is made by combining a high strength-to-weight precision aluminum tube with conventional steel tool joints via a threaded interference fit. The aluminum tube has an ISO compliant modified ACME thread at each end and connects to a steel tool joint with a matching thread on the back side (service connection area). The aluminum pipe body is tapered (or upset) to provide improved strength and wear resistance at key points along the pipe geometry. Typically the taper is the thickest at the tool joint interface (the service connection) and on the center of the pipe. This type of tapered geometry provides increased strength in high torque areas, improved buckling resistance in compression and greatly improved wear resistance due to the thicker wall.

FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP benefits

  • Increased reach and rate of penetration
  • Reduced deck weight
  • Increased over-pull margin
  • Reduced total string stretch and improved steering
  • Easier pipe handling with reduced impact forces for more safety
  • Reduced bending and side forces allow more flexibility for freeing stuck pipe
  • Reduced string and casing wear

By increasing the rate of penetration for drilling operations and by increasing reach for existing rig, the savings achieved by FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP can quickly recoup your investment. 

Examples of FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP savings

  • Extended cantilever reach of drilling deck to reach existing slots saves 2 days of rig down time at $ 500,000 per day for total $ 1 million savings.
  • ADP in lower section of 3D well increases ROP 15%. Typical 30 drilling days reduced by 15% saves 4.5 days at $ 500,000 per day for total $ 2.25 million savings
  • Total savings of $ 1mio from reduced down time and $ 2.25 million from increased ROP for total $ 3.25 million.
  • Summation: $ 1.5 mio investment in 3 km FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ string nets a 216 % payback on one well for savings of $3.25 million.

FuchsRohr® Alu Drill™HPP optimized pipe and string designs

FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ HPP is available in internal and external upset pipe geometries with various types of tool joint to provide maximum strength-to-weight improved hydraulics and highest tensile/torque. Optimized string performance can be achieved by putting aluminum in areas with high frictional and drag forces and placing steel pipe where the highest torque, compression and tensile loads occur. A mixed aluminum and steel string can reduce overall string torque, drag, side forces, weight and can even reduce buckling in your steel string section when the overall string design is done properly.



Tensile Yield (ksi)     50 - 80
Density (lbs/in3)      0.100
Specific strength     500 - 800


Tensile Yield (ksi)     120
Density (lbs/in3)      0.165
Specific strength      727


Tensile Yield (ksi)     75 - 150
Density (lbs/in3)      0.300
Specific strength     250 - 500